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Expresiones de afecto

I love you (care for you): Te quiero I love you (more serious): Te amo I (female) am in love: Estoy enamorada I (male) am in love: Estoy enamorado You are beautiful (to a female): Eres guapa You are handsome (to a male): Eres guapo You make me happy: Me

Frases de amor

En un beso, sabrás todo lo que he callado. (Pablo Neruda (1904-1973) Poeta chileno.) With one kiss, you’ll learn everything I’ve kept to myself. Amor con amor se paga. You repay love with love. El amor entra por la boca. The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach.  El amor es

Expresiones con la palabra “lengua”

How well do you know the “lengua espanola”? Test your knowledge with these phrases featuring the word “lengua”. Buscarle la lengua a alguien (colloquial): to try to pick a quarrel with sb, be spoiling for a fight/an argument Con la lengua fuera (col): to be out of breath, panting, dog-tired Darle