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Published on: Grammar Bites

Different uses of “mismo”

Having troubles figuring it out when to use the word mismo and its variations mismos, misma, mismas? Check out this easy guide with lots of examples to master the different uses of mismo once and for all!

Mismo as an adverb: 

As an adverb, mismo does not change in number or gender to agree with the verb. It always follows a time phrase (ahora, hoy, ayer, mañana, etc) and we use it to help give emphasis to the time reference.

  • Haré mi trabajo AHORA MISMO. I will do my job right now.
  • Ellos van a salir b del hotel. They’re leaving the hotel tomorrow.
  • AYER MISMO nos reunimos para hablar del negocio. Just yesterday we met to talk about the business.
Mismo as an adjective: 

As an adjective, mismo does change in gender and number, and it needs the definite article (el, la, los, las). In this sense, it expresses absolute identity, ie, we’re talking about the exact same object or person.

  • Helen tiene EL MISMO libro de la semana pasada. Helen has the same book she had last week.
  • El jefe lleva LOS MISMOS zapatos todos los días. Our boss wears the same shoes every day.
  • Ella tiene hoy LA MISMA blusa de ayer. She’s wearing the same blouse she wore yesterday.
Mismo as an adjective: 

Like in the previous use, mismo changes in gender and number, and it needs the definite article (el, la, los, las). We use it to indicate a resemblance.

  • Mi padre y Enrique tienen EL MISMO carro. (Cada uno tiene un carro, pero es de un modelo o color igual). My father and Enrique have the same car. (They each have their own car, but the make and/or color is the same).
  • Mi amiga y yo casi siempre usamos LOS MISMOS zapatos. (Nosotras tenemos zapatos de igual modelo, pero pueden ser de colores diferentes) My friend and I almost always wear the same shoes. (We own the same pairs of shoes, although they have differences like their color.)
  • Acabo de ver que Diana tiene EL MISMO celular que yo. (El celular de Diana es parecido al mío.) I just noticed that Diana has the same cellphone as me. (Diana’s cellphone is similar to mine).
Mismo as an adjective: 

In this use, mismo follows a personal pronoun and it also changes in gender and number. We use it for emphasis.

  • ELLOS MISMOS cayeron en la trampa. They fell on the trap.
  • Tú confías en TI MISMA. You trust on yourself.
  • Usted trabaja para SÍ MISMO. (Usted trabaja por su propia cuenta). You work for yourself. (You work as a freelancer).
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