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Published on: Grammar Bites

Giros idiomáticos del Uruguay

Cada dialecto o variedad del español genera sus propias expresiones, que en muchos casos coinciden con aquellas emergidas en otra variedad (en general, esta coincidencia se da entre dialectos originados en regiones geográficas aledañas). Hoy aprenderemos algunos giros propios del Uruguay, algunos de los cuales también suelen emplearse en Argentina y otros países vecinos:

  • Birome:Pen.
  • Boliche : Small, local pub or small shop.
  • Bondi: Bus
  • Botón: adjective that describes someone in a position of power who abuses their subordinates, frequently used in the police force.
  • Buzarda: prominent belly due to excessive eating or lack of exercise.
  • Cacerolear: to bang pots and pans together to make noise as a form of protest.
  • Choripan: Chorizo sandwich; typically sold by food trucks and vendors
  • Chorongas: Colloquial noun that express disbelief or skepticism; always used in the plural form.
  • Cuchuflito: Knick-friedman-knack.
  • Entonarse: To consume alcohol in order to summon up courage
  • Entrevero: confusion, disarray. Additionally, the term applies to the battles between colonizers and Native peoples..
  • Pendejo: Word to describe teenagers, often with a negative and pejorative connotation.
  • Péndex: A modern adaptation of “pendejo”.
  • Pichincha: Bargain. 
  • Requeche: Leftovers.
  • Rompebolas: Someone who is very annoying.
  • Rompehuevos: Someone who is very annoying.
  • Tortuga: Small, spongy bread with a soft shell.
  • Trencito: Cheat sheet.
  • Viandazo: A strong, violent punch against someone.
  • Yorugua: Colloquial and pejorative for people from Uruguay.
  • Yuta: Cop, police