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Published on: Grammar Bites

How do we use the verb “apetecer”?

The verb “apetecer” means to be hungry or to have the need to satisfy a desire.

Grammatically speaking, “apetecer” works like the verb “gustar”: we conjugate in the 3rd person singular or plural, and use it with the indirect object pronouns:

Indirect Object Indirec Object Pronoun Singular Plural
a mí / to me me apetece apetecen
a tí / to you te apetece apetecen
a él/ella/usted / to him/her/you le apetece apetecen
a nosotros/as / to us nos apetece apetecen
a vosotros/as / to you os apetece apetecen
a ellos/as, a ustedes / to them, to you les apetece apetecen


  • A nosotros nos apetece un café expreso. We would like to have an expresso.
  • A mí me apetecen unas empanadas de carne. I want to have some beef empanadas.
  • ¿Te apetece ir a ver una película? Would you like to go the movies?
  • A ellas les apetece salir esta noche, pero yo estoy cansada. They feel like going out tonight, but I’m tired.