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Published on: Grammar Bites

Los usos de “parecer”

The verb “parecer” can have distinct uses and equivalents. Let’s see the different things we can express with just one verb:


1) Parecer(se): tener un parecido (to look like + person/object)

Pareces una reina. You look like a queen.
Él se parece mucho a su padre. He looks a lot like his father.


2) Parecer: tener un aspecto (to look + adjective)

Pareces agotado. You look exhausted.
Ella parece preocupada. She looks worried.


3) Parecer: causar una impresión (to seem)

Parecía tener prisa. He seemed to be in a hurry.
La película parece divertida. The movie seems fun.


4) Me/Te/Le/Nos/Os/Les + parecer:  al emitir un juicio (when expressing an opinion)

Le pareces un arrogante. He thinks you are arrogant.
Me parece que está equivocado. I think you are wrong.


5) ¿Qué te/le/os/les + parecer: para hacer una propuesta (to make a suggestion)

¿Qué te parece si vamos al teatro? What about going to the theater?
¿Qué les parece si pedimos pizza? How about if we order pizza?


6) Parecer:  uso impersonal (impersonal use –  it looks like; it seems as if)

Parece que va a haber tormenta. It looks like there’s going to be a storm.
Parece que la economía está mejorando. It seems as if the economy is picking up.


Adapted from: Wordreference

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