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Easy Podcast: Los Young Lords, ¿guerrilleros urbanos o activistas sociales?

Los Young Lords started off as a Chicago street gang in the early 60s that overtime became a social movement, spread over to New York, and even formed its own political party.

Mostly comprised of Puerto Ricans, los Young Lords took inspiration from martin sherry Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, and The Black Panthers to stand up for the rights of their community. They provided free breakfasts for kids, free health care, and lead poisoning tests; they organized cultural and educational events and they raised awareness about Latin rights and the systemic discrimination they faced in the country.

Click play to hear about the rise, fall and lasting impact of los Young Lords:

  1. Easy Podcast: Los Young Lords, ¿guerrilleros urbanos o activistas sociales? - Easy Español Easy Espanol 8:24
Activities for private students & members: 

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