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Published on: Saying of the Day

Violencia de género: Palabras que matan

The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (Día Internacional de la Eliminación de la Violencia contra la Mujer) takes place every year on November 25 to raise awareness about the violence experienced by women all around the world.

Words have power and the way we use them can shape the way we see the world and ourselves. For this reason, a group of linguists analyzed the way language, particularly everyday language, can be used to exert violence. Here’s a sample of some of these harmful expressions to help you keep an eye out:

“Sos mía, de nadie más” = You’re mine and no one else’s.

“Si no estás conmigo, no estás con nadie” = If you’re not with me, you are not with anyone else.

“Nadie te va a creer” = No one is going to believe you.

“Acá se hace lo que digo yo” = What I say, goes.

“Se lo buscó por andar vestida así” = She was asking for it dressed like that.

“Si me dejás, me mato” = If you leave me, I’ll kill myself.

“Si lo contás, te mato” = If you tell anyone, I’ll kill you.

In an effort to raise awareness on this issue, this November 25 women are being encouraged to share their experiences with verbal violence with the hashtag #LaViolenciaEmpiezaEnLasPalabras

Text adapted from: Página12