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Published on: Grammar Bites

¿Pedir o preguntar?

One of the most frequent mistakes for Spanish learners is mixing up when to use pedir and preguntar. Although both verbs have a similar English equivalent, their uses in Spanish are quite different.

Let’s take a look!

We use Pedir to mean “to request”, “to order” or “to ask for a favor”:

  • ¿Pedimos pizza para la cena? Should we order pizza for dinner?
  • Pedro me pidió que lo llevara al aeropuerto. Pedro asked me to give him a ride to the airport.
  • Pídele ayuda; es buena para las matemáticas. Ask her for help; she’s good at Math.


On the other hand, we use Preguntar when we want to ask a question or to ask for information:

  • ¿Le preguntaste a qué hora empieza la película? Did you ask her what time the movie starts?
  • Ellos me preguntaron dónde está la biblioteca. They asked me about the location of the library.
  • Durante el viaje Juan me preguntó constantemente: ¿ya llegamos? During the trip Juan asked constantly: are we there yet?
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