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Published on: Spanish Podcast

Easy Podcast: Sabiduría ancestral, los palabreros wayuú

The Wayuu people live in the northern region between Venezuela and Colombia, and the pütchipü’ui, or palabrero, is a central figure of their traditional administration justice system.

The palabrero‘s role is to mediate and provide solutions for the conflicts between members of the community. The men who serve as palabreros are great thinkers and speakers, very knowledgeable about Wayuu language, customs and laws, and they are greatly respected by their people.

In 2010, UNESCO recognized this mediation system and the role of the palabreros as part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Click play to learn more this ancestral wisdom and the almighty power of words:

  1. Easy Podcast - Sabiduría ancestral, los palabreros wayuú - Easy Español Easy Espanol 7:21
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