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Published on: Spanish Podcast

Polish up your Spanish listening comprehension: Los pachucos y la identidad latina en los Estados Unidos

Polish up your Spanish listening comprehension while learning about this interesting chapter of Latin history in the US!

During the 1940s, a counterculture movement known as ‘pachuco’ originated among young Mexican-American living in the border city of El Paso, Texas.

This movement aimed at empowering and shaping a new cultural identity for these young people who did not considered themselves to be neither Mexican nor American.

Pachucos were easily recognizable by their colorful zoot suits, their own language that blended Spanish, English and indigenous languages, and their superb dancing skills across different genres such as mambo, swing, rock ‘n roll, or chachachá.

Click play to learn more about the fascinating history of discrimination and pride of los pachucos and their impact on Latin communities and American culture at large:

  1. Easy Podcast - Los pachucos y la identidad latina en los Estados Unidos Easy Español
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