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Published on: Spanish Podcast

Practice your Spanish listening skills: Nat, un rey que cantaba en español

Listen to our Easy Podcast to learn more about Nat King Cole’s success singing completely in Spanish and practice your Spanish listening skills!

Nat King Cole was a renowned American singer and jazz pianist whose prolific career spanned three decades.

In the English-speaking world he may be best remembered by his smooth ballads like ‘Unforgettable’ or ‘Mona Lisa’, but Spanish-speaking audiences know him best for his covers of popular, traditional Latin American songs, marked by a unique Spanish accent.

Although Nat King Cole did not speak the language, he learned songs phonetically and went on to publish three very successful albums in Spanish covering boleros, tangos, mariachis, corridos, and cha-cha-chás.

Click play to hear how the king of jazz became el rey de los boleros:

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