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Published on: Spanish Podcast

Spanish listening practice: Las muñequitas quitapenas, muñequitas que sanan el alma

Work on your Spanish listening skills while learning about this lovely Maya tradition that lives on in Central America!

Las muñecas quitapenas might seem like a simple hand-crafted toy or memento, but there’s more to these tiny ‘worry dolls’ than meets the eye.

According to ancient Maya tradition, these dolls are charms for restoration of the soul and can carry away all our sorrows while we sleep.

Nowadays, people use these precious dolls for protection and good luck in many countries across Central America, particularly in Guatemala where las quitapenas play an active role in everyday life and special ceremonies alike, thus keeping alive their Maya heritage.

Click play to learn all about this fascinating Maya tradition and the healing powers of las muñecas quitapenas:

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