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Published on: Spanish Podcast

Develop your Spanish listening skills: El reguetón, de Puerto Rico para el mundo

Listen to our Easy Podcast about the origins of el reguetón to develop your Spanish listening skills!

Known for its catchy rhythm and outrageous lyrics, ‘reguetón’ is a popular music genre from Puerto Rico that has crossed over the language borders to conquer the world.

This Caribbean genre originated underground from the fusion of different musical styles such as reggae, dancehall and hip hop and quickly resonated with Puerto Rico’s youth because of its explicit lyrics addressing topics like sex, drugs, love, violence, and identity.

Now, its songs are listened even by people that don’t know a word in Spanish.

Click play to hear about the fascinating evolution of el reguetón:

  1. Easy Podcast - El reguetón, de Puerto Rico para el mundo - Easy Español Easy Español
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