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Published on: Spanish Podcast

Polish up your Spanish listening abilities: La quema del Año Viejo en Ecuador

Listen to our Easy Podcast to learn about a fascinating end-of-the-year tradition and polish up your Spanish listening abilities!

The New Year is a time for new beginnings, and in Ecuador that means burning down the ‘Old Year’ in order to get a fresh start.

During these festivities, families, friends and neighbors get together to burn down monigotes, paper or rag dolls usually resembling politicians, celebrities or your nemesis that represent the year that ends, in particular the negative aspects, to ensure the coming year begins with good energy and a clean slate.

Click play to learn the interesting story of this curious Ecuadorean tradition to welcome in the New Year:

  1. Easy Podcast - La quema del Año Viejo en Ecuador - Easy Español Easy Español
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