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Published on: Spanish Podcast

Challenge your Spanish listening comprehension and learn about the philosophy of ENRIQUE DUSSEL, the Argentinean Socrates

Get philosophical with this interesting Spanish Podcast about one of Latin America’s leading modern thinkers and work on your Spanish listening comprehension!

Enrique Dussel was an Argentinean-born and Mexican-nationalized philosopher, historian, theologian, and one of the leading founders of the Philosophy of Liberation movement.

Dussel analyzed traditional power structures built on oppression and colonization. His philosophical views have a distinct Latin American humanistic approach and advocate for social justice and equality for all. Persecuted by the Argentinean military regime,

Dussel escaped to Mexico in 1975 where he continued developing and spreading his ideas of justice and equality.

Click play to learn more about one of the most important philosophers of Latin America and why he’s known as the Argentinean Socrates!

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