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Speak Spanish Fast and Easily

The TALK (Total Accelerated Language Kick-Off) 15-minute sessions are a key part of our exceptional approach to helping you speak Spanish in the shortest time possible. These animated one-to-one chat sessions will help you to not just study Spanish, but speak Spanish and Live the Language.

Book a 15-Minute TALK session

The sessions are easy to schedule and are 100% live in real time—via the Internet. You will talk with a seasoned language coach in Spanish for the entire meeting. These sessions are a great opportunity to practice Spanish conversation and develop your listening comprehension skills. No more dull grammar rules or cold-blooded applications; simply schedule a 15-minute session with a language coach and TALK your heart out en español!

Accessing the TALK session is very simple and you won’t need to install anything. All you will need is the video camera on your phone or computer and a good Internet connection!