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Inperson Private Lesson 7- Titulos-EasyEspañol

Our private Spanish lessons are designed for someone seeking a learning experience that is intimate and personalized. The private lessons at Easy Español are conducted by our Academic Director, Jorge E. Gallegos, who is also the founder of Easy Español. During the sessions, you’ll get Jorge’s full attention and he will help you identify both your strengths and the areas you will need to focus on for language improvement. Based on your unique learning and communication styles, an exclusive language program will be crafted to help you speak Spanish fluently and confidently in the shortest time possible.

We offer private lessons for all levels and ages. A schedule must be created before the start of each program.

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Key Benefits of Private Instruction at Easy Español

  • You get undivided attention from a specialized, professional language coach with many years of experience.
  • Taking a private lesson is just that — private. You can ask questions or repeat phrases that are giving you trouble without interrupting the flow of a group class. Every single session is customized to your specific learning needs and language objectives.
  • Your language coach can stop and correct your mistake on the spot. This leads to quicker progression.
  • You work at your own pace. In a group lesson, you must follow through the predetermined lesson plans. You may feel uncomfortable and won’t learn effectively If you don’t understand something right away and need more time to focus on it. On the other hand, if you are a fast learner, you don’t have to wait for the other students to catch up. With private instruction, you can move through the lessons as quickly, or as slowly, as you’d like.
  • Free use of complementary teaching materials and other learning resources.
  • Free Conversation sessions to practice language fluency in a friendly and relaxed environment.
  • Social and cultural events to help you get acquainted with the Hispanic culture.
  • Plus, if you need to miss a lesson for whatever reason, it’s no biggie. You can simply cancel or reschedule it at no cost.

Imagen de Adal MTZ en Pixabay
Imagen de Adal MTZ en Pixabay