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Published on: Grammar Bites

All about Spanish Adverbs

Adverbios are words or phrases that qualify verbs, adjectives or other adverbs to tell us something extra about an action or a characteristic. Adverbs do not change for gender or number.

In the Spanish language, we have a wide range of adverbios that can be classified into different categories depending on the information they provide. The categories are: cantidad (quantity), tiempo (time), lugar (place), duda (doubt), afirmación (agreement), negación (denial) y modo (manner).

Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently-used adverbs in each category:

All About Spanish Adverbs - Easy Español



  • El Banco Central está allá. The Central Bank is there.


  • Antes ellos vivían en la sierra, pero ahora viven en la costa.  They used to live by the mountains, but now they live along the coast.


  • Nosotros lo pasamos bien en la fiesta de cumpleaños de Javier. We had a great time at Javier’s birthday party.


  • No quiero saber nada de ese asunto. I don’t want to hear anything about it.


  • Nosotros iremos de viaje a la selva posiblemente. We’ll probably go on a trip to the rainforest.


  • , yo estoy de acuerdo con lo que dices. Yes, I agree with what you said.


  • Nunca he comido cuy, pero dicen que es delicioso. I’ve never eaten any cuy, but I hear it’s delicious.


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