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Easiest way to learn Spanish

To learn Spanish can be a complex task if we’re following a traditional learning method. We’ve all have learned languages using this traditional way, but it’s not the best method. And although there’s not just one way of learning and each person has their own learning tricks, there really is an easiest way to learn Spanish, that is, the native-speaker method.

The traditional educational approach has shown us different ways to divide the language: grammar, phonetics, spelling; however, these are not the areas parents focus on when teaching their kids how to speak. The key to successfully learn Spanish in an easy way  is to allow yourself to be guided by our *language coaches* who will help you speak Spanish from day one and use concept association to link words and meanings together, the same way we would guide a child learning a language. Are you starting to understand the principle behind this easy way to learn Spanish? We’ll tell you exactly how you can achieve this goal.

The true easiest way to learn Spanish

Lately there’s a very common problem online: everyone is an expert on everything. This can be a real issue-alunama when we’re trying to find the right program to learn authentic Spanish. There are key factors that will allow you to recognize the right person for the job:

  1. Years of experience helping hundreds of students.
  2. Their own method to *speak Spanish in an easier way*.
  3. The use of authentic, native learning material to complement your Spanish journey.

Each day, hundreds of people try to find the easiest way to learn Spanish, but they make the mistake of thinking they can achieve this by following a text book step-by-step and starting with grammar. The key to learning Spanish is to start speaking from day one with the help of native, language coaches and using authentic learning resources related to Latin culture. With this method, you will discover that Spanish is easy to learn while you gain a deep understanding of the evolution of the art, culture, history and social issue-alunamas of the Spanish-speaking world.


Manage to learn Spanish in an easier way and improve your relationships

Many people wonder why is important to others to learn Spanish. The truth is that Spanish is the third spoken language with over 577 millions speakers all around the world. 480 million are native Spanish speakers and almost 22 million people study the language in 107 countries.

Most of the almost 22 million people who study the language do so to better incorporate Spanish into their family lives or relationships after marrying a Spanish-speaker or someone with Hispanic heritage. Others do it to build better working relationships with coworkers, team leaders, managers, or senior partners who are native Spanish speakers, or –why not– to get a better chance at that promotion they deserve.

We invite you to see for yourself how we work at Easy Español and to explore our wealth of authentic learning resources, specifically designed to promote learning through conversations, just like native speakers do.

Why haven’t I heard that *Spanish is easy to learn

The answer is simple: there are too many people trying to teach Spanish using the old, ineffective method.

The real question is why others are still using these old methods that make people doubt that Spanish is easy to learn.

We’re certainly not going to focus on what other people are doing. What our experience shows us is that 90% of our students who have come to Easy Español after trying other learning methods actually manage to speak Spanish in an easier way once they start following our native-speaker method. In fact, after only booking a Trial Lesson and meeting with one of our language coaches, students can already say several words in Spanish. There really is an easy way to learn Spanish, but it won’t happen magically or without your commitment. All learning processes require guidance, regular attendance, and extra learning materials such as videos or podcasts. If you devote between 50 and 90 minutes per week to your learning, we can assure you too can learn Spanish effectively.

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