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Published on: Grammar Bites

Four equivalents in English of the word ‘juicio’

The Spanish word ‘juiciocan mean very different things depending on the context in which it appears. Let’s take a look at four distinct English equivalents for this term:

(a) When discussing the ressolution of a legal issue-alunama in court, juicio is translated as trial:

  • El juicio por el asesinato del cantante empezará la próxima semana.
  • The trial over the singer’s murder will begin next week.

(b) When we want to give our point ot view on something, juicio is translated as opinion:

  • A mi juicio, las reglas para evitar los contagios de COVID-19 deberían ser más estrictas.
  • In my opinion, the rules to prevent further COVID-19 cases should be more strict.

(c) When discussing someone’s state of mind, juicio may be translated as right mind, sound mind, sanity:

  • Su familia está preocupada por él; parece que perdió el juicio.
  • His family is worried about him; he seems to have lost his sanity.

(d) When we want to talk about someone’s ability to judge an issue-alunama or make a decision wisely and fairly, juicio is translated as sense, judgement:

  • Confío en su juicio; ella siempre sabe cuál es la decisión correcta.
  • I trust her good sense; she always knows the right thing to do.