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Published on: Culture

Nariz del Diablo

The train that crosses Ecuador is one of its main attractions and is also a key part of the countries’ history. The general Eloy Alfaro that lead the liberal reformation was able to connect the biggest cities of the country and activate the economies in the towns in-between. The train was a major aspect of the country’s economy but with modernization, it was abandoned for years.  Nevertheless, in 2008 under the auspices of the Correa’s liberal Government, it opened its main routes with a vision to revitalize the rural communities through tourism. The Nose of the Devil, in Alausi in Chimborazo Province, is one of the most popular trajectories of the train routes in Ecuador. Built in a zig-zag shape for many engineers it’s considered the most difficult train route to built in the world. In Alausi and throughout the train routes you can encounter history, culture, food, dance, language and beautiful landscapes.


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