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Published on: Spanish Podcast

Perfect your Spanish listening comprehension: La tradición de las velitas, the festivity that lights up Christmas

Work on your Spanish listening comprehension while learning about this popular holiday tradition!

In the Spanish-speaking world, the Christmas season unofficially starts on the eve of December 8, feast day of the Immaculate Conception.

This celebration is known as La tradición de las velitas which is marked by the lighting of candles in honor of the Virgin Mary, and every country in the region celebrates it on its own special way.

In Colombia, this festivity is particularly important and takes place on the night of December 7. On this night, families gather to light and place candles and paper lanterns on their houses, gardens, balconies, sidewalks and public parks while they pray and make wishes for the coming year. Each candle lit illuminates not only the streets, but also the heart of the people.

Click play to hear all about the different ways the Spanish-speaking world celebrates La tradición de las velitas:

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