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Published on: Grammar Bites

Conjunciones adversativas

These conjunctions indicate opposition among the elements that they join. These conjunctions are:

Pero = but
Mas = however
Sino = but, rather
Sin embargo = nevertheless, however
No obstante = regardless
Antes bien = on the contrary
Con todo = even so
Más bien que = rather than
Fuera de = apart from
Excepto = except
Salvo = Except (for)
Menos =
Más que = even if, however much
Antes = before
Que no


  • Quería un helado, pero no tenía dinero. / I wanted an ice cream, but I did not have enough money.
  • Él no quería descansar sino trabajar mas. / He didn’t  wnat to rest but rather work harder.
  • Salgo a correr todos los días, excepto cuando llueve. / I jog every day, except when it rains. 
  • La guerra no es el camino, antes bien busquemos la paz. / War is not the way, rather let’s seek peace.
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