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Aplatanarse: used when a foreigner embraces the Cuban mannerisms and way of life.
Bajichupa: female blouse without straps or sleeves.
Camello: type of bus.
Culicagao: young (child).
Chanchullero: someone who enjoys to gossip.
¡Está bueno ya!: enough, stop.
Fuácata (estar en la): to have no money.
Guagua: bus.
Guanikiki: money.
Juego de pelota: baseball.
Media (hacer una): to take a break.
Pendejitis: fear.
¿Qué bola?: what’s up?
Ratón: coward.
Socio: friend.
Tacón (echar un): to dance.
Vacilón (vivir en el): to enjoy life without working.
Yuma (la): The United States of America.
Yuma (un): foreigner.