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Published on: Grammar Bites

Dates in Spanish

Dates in Spanish are expressed by stating the day + preposition (de) + month + preposition de & article el = (del) + year.

Here is an example:

Hoy es el 3 de octubre del 2016.
3(day) + de + marzo (month) + del + 2016 (year).

Just keep in mind that in Spanish the date should be written with the day before the month. Once you learn how to pronounce the numbers in Spanish you should learn the months. Here they are:

-enero (January)
-febrero (February)
-marzo (March)
-abril (April)
-mayo (May)
-junio (June)
-julio (July)
-agosto (August)
-septiembre (September)
-octubre (October)
-noviembre (November)
-diciembre (December)

Here you have the days of the week in Spanish:

-lunes (Monday)
-martes (Thursday)
-miércoles (Wednesday)