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Published on: Saying of the Day

Tres traducciones de “focus”


When we adjust an optical device so that an image looks clear, sharp, or with a higher definition, we translate “focus” as “enfocar”:

  • Tienes que enfocar el proyector correctamente, si no la presentación se verá mal. You have to focus the projector properly; otherwise the presentation will look terrible.
  • Asegúrate de que la cámara esté enfocada; no queremos que las fotos salgan mal. Make sure the camera is focused; we don’t want the pictures to look bad.



When we talk about directing our attention or efforts to an activity or a topic, especially in order to achieve something else, we translate “focus” as “concentrarse”:

  • Este mes necesito concentrarme en terminar mi tesis. This month I need to focus on finishing up my thesis.
  • Si te concentras en un solo problema a la vez, podrás resolver todo más rápido. If you focus on one problem at a time, you will be able to solve everything faster.



When we talk about concentrating on what we are doing (reading, listening, watching, etc) or what someone else is saying, we use the equivalent phrase “prestar atención”:

  • ¡Presta atención cuando te estoy hablando! Focus when I’m talking to you!
    Tienes que prestar atención a los detalles si quieres escribir un buen informe. You have to focus on the details if you want to write a good book report.