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Published on: Spanish Podcast

Easy Podcast: El mercado de Tlatelolco

El mercado de Tlatelolco was the largest comercial center in Mesoamerica.

There, locals and people from other regions of the Mexica territory exchanged a wide range of products such as fresh fruits and vegetables (corn, squash, avocados, cacao); animals (hares, quails, deer, fishes); clothing (shawls, sandals); construction materials (wood, lime); minerals (jade, silver, gold), and even slaves.

The market also served as a place of social gatherings where people exchanged news and formed alliances, consulted doctors, got haircuts, and ate local food and drinks.

Click play to learn the fascinating history of this important pre-Hispanic market:

  1. Easy Podcast - El mercado de Tlatelolco Easy Español
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