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Published on: Saying of the Day

Spanish expressions with the word ‘rey’

Conquer the realm of everyday Spanish by learning some expressions with the word ‘rey’ and its derivates:

  • Astro rey (sol) (metaphorical): king of the sky (sun)
  • Digno de un rey: fit for a king
  • El reino de los cielos: the Kingdom of Heaven
  • El rey de …. (metaphorical, colloquial): the king of …
  • El rey de la selva (león): the king of the beasts (lion)
  • El rey de los cielos (águila): the king of birds (eagle)
  • El Rey de los cielos (Dios): King of Heaven (God)
  • Los Reyes Magos: the Three Kings
  • Reina de (la) belleza: beauty queen
  • Reina de la fiesta: carnival queen
  • Reino animal: animal kingdom
  • Reino vegetal: plant kingdom
  • Vivir como un rey: to live like a king