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Easy Podcast: La mezquita de Córdoba, ¿arte divino o la divinidad del arte?

The Mosque of Córdoba, currently better known as Mosque–Cathedral, is a dazzling and impressive example of the many cultures and influences that make up Spain’s architectural style.

Constructions for the mosque began in 784 under orders of Abd ar-Rahman I using recycled materials from Roman and Visigoth buildings and adding distinct design elements, such as its famous double-tiered red and white arches.

Over the centuries, Abd ar-Rahman’s successors continued expanding the mosque until Córdoba was captured by the forces of King Ferdinand III of Castile during the Reconquista in 1236 who turned it into a Catholic cathedral in honor of the Virgin Mary.

Click play to learn the fascinating history of la mezquita de Córdoba:

  1. Easy Podcast - La mezquita de Córdoba - Easy Español Easy Espanol 6:40
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