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Published on: Spanish Podcast

Fascinating Spanish Podcast to improve your español: La grana cochinilla that painted the world red

Listen now to our Spanish podcast and hear the fascinating history of how a small insect changed the world!

The grana cochinilla is an insect indigenous to the American continent with a very important skill: it can produce the carminic acid needed to achieve a strong shade of red dye.

Originally domesticated by the native people of Mexico, the cochinilla‘s crimson pigment became a staple in the textiles, headpieces and other ceremonial objects used by their elite.

Upon their arrival, the Spanish conquistadores quickly realized the value of this rich, durable pigment and turned it into one the greatest financial resources of their empire and la grana cochinilla into one of their best-kept secrets.

Click play to learn how this small insect brought new shades of colors into our lives:

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