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Published on: Saying of the Day

Expresiones con la palabra ‘tomate’

  • Agarrar algo para el lado de los tomatesto take something the wrong way
  • A tomatazosthrowing tomatoes
  • Estar del tomate (col.): to be out of one’s mind
  • Haber tomate (col.): to there is a fight/set-to
  • Ponerse como un tomate (col.): to turn as red as a beetroot
  • Salsa de tomate: Tomato sauce
  • Tener (algo) tomate (col): to be tough
  • Tomatal: tomato bed; tomato field
  • Tomate frito: fried tomato.
  • Tomate enano: cherry tomato
  • Tomatera: tomato plant
  • ¡Toma tu tomate! (col): put that in your pipe and smoke it!