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Published on: Grammar Bites

Frases idiomáticas con el verbo “perder”

El verbo ‘perder’ (to lose, to misplace) tiene muchos usos literales, pero también lo usamos en una gran variedad de frases idiomáticas. Aquí te enseñamos algunas de las más frecuentes:

  • Echar a perder = to spoil something
  • Llevar las de perder = to stand to lose, to have nothing to gain
  • Perder los estribos = to lose your temper, to lose your cool
  • No saber perder = to be a sore loser
  • Saber perder = to be a gracious loser
  • No tener nada que perder = to have nothing to lose
  • Perder la vergüenza = to stop being embarrassed, to lose all shame
  • Perder de vista = to overlook, not take something into account, to lose sight of something
  • Perder el control = to lose control
  • Perder el favor de = to fall out of favor, to fall from grace
  • Perder el hilo = to lose your train of thought, to lose track of something
  • Perder la razón / la chaveta = to lose your mind/head, to go crazy, to go postal
  • Perder la forma = not to be fit, to gain weight
  • Perder terreno = to lose ground
  • Perder la memoria = to lose your memory
  • Perder la calma / la paciencia = to lose your patience, to lose your temper, to lose your cool
  • Perder la perspectiva = to lose perspective
  • Perder cuidado = to be at ease, to stop worrying
  • Tiempo que perder = time to waste
  • Perder la ocasión = to miss the chance/opportunity
  • Perder el respeto = to lose the respect of / to lose respect for
  • Perder el hablar = to be speechless
  • Perder el apetito = to lose your apetite

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