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Published on: Saying of the Day

Las 20 palabras más bonitas del idioma español

El sitio recopiló algunas de las palabras más bonitas y menos utilizadas del español. How many do you know?

1) Melifluo: an excessively delicate, gentle, or soft sound.

2) Inefable: something so incredible that it cannot be expressed through words.

3) Sonánbulo: a sleepwalker.e?poca

4) Época: a certain time period in history or in someone’s life. 

5) Serendipia: a fortunate or unexpected finding that occurs when looking for something else.

6) Limerencia: involuntary mental state, typical of one’s romantic attraction to another person.

7) Etéreo: extremely delicate and light, out of this world.

8) Arrebol: reddish hue on clouds caused by the sun.

9) Iridiscencia: optical phenomenon in which the variation of the light creates small rainbows.

10) Epifanía: a sudden revelation.

11) Luminiscencia: the ability of irradiating a faint light, yet visible in the dark.

12) Soledad: a state of isolation or withdrawal, oftentimes ideal.

13) Aurora: faint light with pink hues that appears right before the sunrise.iridiscencia

14) Olvido: the voluntary or involuntary act of not remembering.

15) Efímero: something that lasts only for a short period of time.

16) Incandescencia: light created at high temperatures.

17) Elocuencia: the art of speaking in such a manner that delights or moves.

18) Efervescencia: bubbles created in any kind of liquid.

19) Inmarcesible: that cannot wither.

20) Desenlace: the outcome of a story.

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