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Published on: Spanish Podcast

Challenge your Spanish listening skills with our Podcast: Celia Cruz, la Reina de la Salsa

Learn about the remarkable life and career of Celia Cruz and take your Spanish listening skills to the next level!

Known for her powerful voice, loud outfits and infectious personality, Celia Cruz is one of the most prolific and beloved Cuban singers in history.

She started her road to fame in her native Havana mastering popular Afro-Cuban musical styles like rumba, bolero, son cubano and guaracha. However, Celia and her beloved husband were forced into exile after Fidel Castro rose to power.

Once in the United States, she conquered the music world as the Queen of Salsa and became a strong defender of the arts, culture and social justice causes.

Click play to hear about the fascinating life, career and legacy of Celia Cruz, the one and only Reina de la salsa: 

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