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Published on: Spanish Podcast

Perfect your Spanish Listening Comprehension Skills: Mushuk Nina, the Andean New Year

Listen to our Spanish Podcast to hear about this fascinating ancient ritual and improve your Spanish listening comprehension skills!

Mushuk Nina is an ancient ritual that takes place in Ecuador during the Spring Equinox.

For many cultures around the world, Spring is a time for rebirth and for indigenous people of the Ecuadorian Andes the appropriately named Mushuk Nina -‘New Fire’ in Quechua- also marks the beginning of their New Year.

Every March 21, people gather to light a symbolic sun-powered fire and share it with the community while dancing and consuming foods provided by the blessings of the Pachamama (Mother Earth) and Inti Tayta (Father Sun).

Click play and learn all about this ancestral Andean festival that signals a blooming spiritual and physical new beginning:

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