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Published on: Saying of the Day

Expresiones idiomáticas con DAR

One of the most difficult aspects of a language to master is the usage of idiomatic expressions.  Idiomatic expressions are phrases that carry a specific meaning within the language. Normally, there is no logical way of translating them word by word. The only way to learn them is to
memorize them, and to practice their use. Below, you will find a series of Spanish idiomatic expressions grouped by types, according to the verb or the preposition they contain, and their English counterparts.

dar a conocer: to make known

dar gritos: to shout

dar a luz: to give birth

dar gusto: to please

dar un abrazo: to embrace, to hug

dar la hora: to strike the hour

dar asco: to disgust

dar gato por liebre: to deceit, to swindle, to gyp

dar las gracias: to thank

dar brincos: to jump

dar guerra: to cause a lot of trouble

dar los buenos días/tardes: to say good morning/afternoon

dar largas: to prolong an affair

dar calabazas: to jilt; to flunk

dar lata: to make a nuisance of oneself

dar la cara: to take responsibility

dar lugar a: to give cause for

dar carta blanca: to give someone a free hand

dar una mano: to lend a hand

dar con: to come upon; to find

dar lo mismo: to make no difference

dar con la puerta en las narices: to slam the door in one’s face

dar la nota: to stand out

dar cuenta de: to give a report on

dar pena a: to aggrieve

dar cuerda a: to wind

dar que hablar: to give grounds for criticism

dar de alta: to discharge (a patient)

dar que hacer: to cause trouble

dar(se) de baja: to drop or unsubscribe (from a list)

dar que pensar: to give grounds for suspicion

dar de beber / comer: to give a drink / to feed

dar palos de ciego: to swing out wildly

dar de palos: to beat; to thrash

dar parte: to inform

dar en el clavo / blanco: to hit the mark, to hit the nail on the head

dar un paseo: to take a walk

darse por aludido: to take it personally

dar a/por hecho: to take for granted

dar por muerto: to consider dead

dar por sentado: to take for granted

dar razón: to give account

dar la razón: to agree with

dar recuerdos a: to give regards to

dar rienda suelta a: to give free rein to

dar al traste con: to destroy; to spoil

dar voces: to shout

dar vueltas a: to think something over

dar una vuelta: to take a stroll

darse a: to devote oneself to

darse cuenta de: to realize

darse ínfulas: to put on airs

darse la mano: to shake hands

darse por + past participle: to consider oneself

darse por vencido: to give up

darse prisa: to hurry

dársela a uno: to make a fool out of someone

dárselas de: to pose as; to claim to be