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Published on: Saying of the Day

Tres traducciones de “resaca”


When we talk about the underwater current that flows away from shore, usually caused by the seaward return of water from waves that have broken against it, we translate “resaca” as “undertow”:

  • Ten cuidado. La resaca es muy fuerte aquí. Be careful. The undertow is really strong here.
  • Asegúrate de no dejar basura cerca de la costa porque la resaca la puede llevar hacia el océano. Make sure not to leave any trash near the shore because the undertow can carry it into the ocean.



When we use this term to refer to the unpleasant physical condition caused by the consumption of an excessive amount of alcohol, we translate “resaca” as “hangover”:

  • El vino de ayer me dio mucha resaca. The wine from last night gave me a big hangover.
  • Mi abuelo tiene un gran remedio para la resaca. My grandfather has a great cure for hangovers.



When we use the word “resaca” to refer to the effects or consequences caused by an event or situation, we are describing a type of “reaction”:

  • Su nueva película fue un fracaso; nunca se recuperó de la resaca de las primeras reseñas. His latest movie was a failure; the movie never recover from the negative reactions of the early reviews.
  • Todavía experimentando la resaca del éxito, el equipo fue recibido con una gran celebración luego de ganar el mundial de fútbol. Still high from their success, the team was welcomed with a huge celebration after winning the Worldcup.