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Grammar Workshops & Spanish 4Kids!

Effective Spanish classes for students of all ages. Great teachers, practical methodology, fun atmosphere.
1-day Conversation-Grammar Workshops


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Bienvenidos a Easy Español!

Live Online

We are launching our brand new blog ( to share our love and passion for the Spanish language and culture with all of you!
This blog has all the great, useful and interesting information you could find in our old newsletter, but in a more interactive and easier-to-read format. You can hone your grammar skills with our useful Grammar Bites; build up your vocabulary with popular phrases and idioms in El Callejero; learn the nuances of frequently-used Spanish words in False Friends and expand your cultural knowledge with the sections Sabías que and Nuestra Cultura. What´s more, in our blog you can find an array of multimedia resources such as: videos, podcasts, Power Point presentations, games and more. Visítanos!



 Social & Cultural Events in December


Bookmaking Workshop en español on 12/20 ($25 + $7 for materials)


The New York Spanish Language Meetup







Live, Online Spanish Lessons with a Private Language Trainer

Our live, online program is a groundbreaking approach to learning Spanish. It mixes a live language trainer with a super user-friendly web conferencing technology to create a valuable, enjoyable e-learning experience. Lessons are very interactive and are modeled in real-world situations. All you need to do is log in to our online platform and your language trainer will be right there, ready to start your session.


We offer multiple FREE learning tools to help students at all levels reinforce their language skills. These tools include:

Grammar Topics

Reading Materials

Spanish Slang

Spanish Verb Chart

Placement Test for Beginners


"I like the teachers… They are so warm and heir approach is so warm, it really makes me comfortable…"

Robyn Moreno

"The reasons I´ve choose Easy Español are because it's one that offers a diverse curricula online and offline…"

"They taylor their program to what you need so these lessons are wonderful, they are great resource for conversation skills…"

Sharon Matasar

“Easy Español gave me confidence to start learning Spanish at age 69. The atmosphere is wonderfully friendly and encouraging but at the same time the teaching methods used are practical and carefully structured… This is a way to cut right to the chase in learning Spanish! ”

Edmund White – Writer

"I cannot say enough about the professionalism, knowledge, and spirit of the Easy Español School and its instructors. They provide a highly individualized curriculum designed to meet the needs of their students in a culturally-enriching environment. ¡Gracias por todo! "

H. Braun – Ph.D.

“Easy Español is awesome! It was my first time having live-online classes and my experience was very good! The activities are student-centered, what makes all the difference. We used textbooks and also updated materials and news from the Internet. I learned not only Spanish, but also cultural aspects and history about Spanish speaking countries. Thank you Easy Español!”

Nayara Salbego – College Student

“Online classes with native Spanish speakers are great. My friendly instructor made classes fun. I greatly improved my listening comprehension and conversation skills. We also covered Spanish literature which I loved. I am continuing with the classes. ”

Zia Shamsi – IT Database Consultant - Financial Systems